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Omega Servicing

At Andersons we specialise in modern and vintage Omega repair. Your timepiece is in safe hands with our trained watchmakers and all repairs are undertaken in our state of the art workshop.

With the vintage models we sometimes need to source parts but we have a large network of watchmakers all over the world we use to source parts when needed.

The process involved for servicing your watch includes a free inspection and quotation. Once proceeded we strip the watch down for further inspection and order any parts needed (We only use genuine parts).

The watch movement goes through a pre-clean procedure and is then put through a cleaning cycle using our ACS900 ultrasonic cleaning machine.

The movement is then re-assembled and re-oiled and any damaged parts are replaced and once this is done the movement is then regulated and tested over a 24 hour period outside of the case.

The case and bracelet are stipped down for valeting and ultrasonic cleaning before being dried and ready to receive the movement. All water testing is done whilst the movement is outside of the case and seals are replaced if needed.

The movement is checked and regulated again before the watch is then cased up for testing on our automatic testing machine.

It is then handed back to the client with a 12-24 month warranty (Depending on the age of the watch).

Omega Valet Service

Here are Andersons we also provide a case and bracelet restoration service. We can normally provide a polishing service within a few days, no appointment is needed just pop your timepiece in for a quotation. Omega valets usually start from £50.00.

Battery/Pressure Testing

At Andersons one of our most popular services we offer is to be able to replace the battery on your timepiece and pressure test it the same day (Usually within the hour). We have the appropriate equipment to be able to pressure test your watch to manufacturers specifications. We also check over the condition of your movement, check the consumption of the battery through the circuit, replace gaskets and then perform a vacuum test.

No appointment is needed just call in today for a free quotation.