Servicing your watch

Mechanical watches – Watch servicing involves a complete overhaul of the watch movement, any broken parts are replaced and a new mainspring is fitted. The movement is oiled and re-assembled before being rigorously tested for timekeeping. A clean and a polish is also included with a service leaving your timepiece looking refreshed.

Quartz watches – Watch servicing involves either replacing the complete module of the watch and testing or, depending on the movement, completely overhauled with any parts needed being professionally replaced.

Why choose a Hirsch Bracelet?

The conscious decision for a branded product of high intrinsic value

Aesthetics: ‘At Hirsch we do not speak of watch straps, but of bracelets for watches. You will receive an accessory that adds the extra touch to your watch and makes it your personal gem.’

A Hirsch bracelet will make your watch more beautiful and valuable. The perfect accessory for a stylish appearance: no matter if you wear it for business or sports or as an extravagant fashion statement – individually is timeless.

Functionality is of the essence for bracelets for watches; day-in day-out they have to meet a variety of demands. And because what is good can always be improved further, Hirsch bracelets are constantly refined and adjusted to the changing requirements of their wearers.

Hirsch bracelets are sauna tested. Many conventional bracelets soon become brittle and may even break at some point. Ours on the other hand, are particularly hard wearing. Even the extreme combination of heat, moisture and sweat cannot do them harm. They always keep their shape, are pleasant to wear and provide unrivaled service life – a lasting beautiful accessory for your watch.

Hirsch 100M Water Resistant – the leather bracelet that you can take diving. You can safely take the models of the Hirsch 100M Water Resistant Series into the water with you – they will not lose colour, shape, suppleness or their good looks.

Hirsch Pro Skin – so that even people with delicate skin can enjoy their favourite leather bracelets.  The Pro Skin lining leather used by Hirsch is able to prevent a wide variety of skin irritations that people with particularly sensitive skin may encounter by wearing leather bracelets.

Hirsch Scratch-Resistant – standing the finger nail test.
Hirsch Scratch-Resistant bracelets are extremely resistant to scratches! Sturdy raw leathers are used for these bracelets and given a special, scratch-resistant finish developed by Hirsch to protect the bracelet from abrasion.

Hirsch Alligator Embossed – the perfect alternative to genuine alligator. A special embossing process is used to transfer the true-to-life relief of rectangular scales of a Louisiana Alligator on to the finest calf skin.

Hirsch bracelets are generally insensitive to water and dry much more quickly than conventional bracelets without losing their looks, suppleness or functionality, not even when coming in contact with water. And Hirsch go even further: The bracelets of the 100M water resistant range and the performance collection have been developed especially with water in mind and can be worn for swimming and even diving without any reservation.

Tag Heuer watches

We repair Tag Heuer Watches with genuine parts. All done in our on-site workshop. No need to send anything away.

  • Battery Replacement
  • Pressure testing
  • Maintenance Service
  • Bracelet Refurbishment / Repair

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Tag Heuer Watches

Q. At what point should the date switch over on my Tag Heuer watch?
A. With Tag watches, there are two different types of date change:
a. Semi-instantaneous date change: the date changes over a period of a few minutes either a few minutes before or after midnight.
b. Gradual date change: the date change takes several hours. You’ll see the date disc gradually changing the date as you approach midnight.

Q. How do I safely set the date? Is there anything I should avoid doing?
A. When changing the date on a Tag Heuer watch, you must avoid doing it whilst the time is set between 8pm and 4am – the date ring is still engaged between these times and trying to change the date will result in damage to the movement. Making sure the watch is set out of these times, pull the crown out until you feel the first click, proceed to wind the watch to set the date. When finished, pull the crown out once more and set the correct time. Always ensure the crown is pushed back in (or screwed in depending on your watch model) before carrying on with your day-to-day tasks.

Q. What is a bezel and what is it used for?
A. The bezel is part of the case, attached on top of the middle case, which generally holds the crystal. The name is often used to describe a turning ring on the case that is marked with a scale intended for various functions: it makes it possible to preselect the time or the display of other time zones, etc. Sometimes due to wear and tear, the bezel can become loose or turn in both directions. This is not a problem and can be fixed by replaced the small metal spring (which is included in the maintenance service we offer).

Q. What is a chronograph?
A. A chronograph is a watch fitted with an additional function which can be used by operating the pushers (start/stop/reset) to measure continuous or interrupted periods of time. This is different to a chronometer. A chronometer  is a certified, high-precision timepiece that meets the stringent standards of the C.O.S.C. (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres / Swiss Office for Chronometric Controls).

Each movement is tested for 15 days, in 5 positions and at 3 temperatures while operating under very demanding conditions. To earn the title of Chronometer, a mechanical movement, either automatic or manual, must meet the 7 criteria defined by ISO 3159 standard and applied by the C.O.S.C. Whatever the external conditions, it must maintain an accuracy of between -4/+6 seconds per day.

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